Test Bank Accounts

Valid Bank Accounts

Bank transactions can be tested using a test API key. Any dummy numerical value can be used for the account number, but the routing number must be a valid bank routing number. Below are a few examples of valid account and routing numbers.

Account Number Routing Number Status
1234567890 021000021 authorized/processed
1234567890 011401533 authorized/processed
1234567890 091000019 authorized/processed

Invalid Routing Numbers

These test routing numbers can be used to trigger specific error types.

Bank Declines

Routing Number Status Code Error Description
0009900 general_reject The payment was rejected.
0009901 duplicate_attempt This transaction appears to be a duplicate attempt and has been prevented.
0009902 exceeded_limit The amount of the transaction exceeds the allowed limit for this account.
0009903 general_decline The bank account has been declined, contact the bank for more information.
0009904 insufficient_bal The bank account does not have a sufficient balance to complete the payment.
0009905 payment_stopped For some reason the payment was stopped.
0009906 invalid_account_number The account number is invalid.
0009907 not_supported The bank is not supported.
0009908 suspicious_activity This transaction has been identified as suspicious.
0009909 too_many_attempts Too many payment attempts have been made, please try again later.

ACH Rejections

Routing Number Status Code Error Description
0009801 R01 Insufficient Funds
0009802 R02 Account Closed
0009807 R07 Customer Revoked Authorization
0009813 R13 Invalid ACH Routing No.