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Unified Payout & Ledger

curl "" \
    -u secret_key_3bW9JMZtPVDOfFNzwRdfE: \
    -d "fields[]=*" \
    -d "fields[]=ledger"
payment = pl.attr.ledger, *pl.Transaction )
payment = '*', 'ledger' )
    $payment = Payload\Transaction::select('*', 'ledger')
    ->get('txn_3bW9JN8jkM9mP3qQCO5mC');'*', pl.attr.ledger)
    .then(function(trans) {
var trans = pl.Payment.filter_by( "*", pl.attr.ledger )

Transaction Ledger

The transaction ledger contains the associations between all transaction activity, for example the reference between an original payment and a resulting refund. Each transaction has a nested list of ledger entries with all related ledger entries for a transaction.

Reading the Ledger Records

By default, the ledger array is not returned in a Transaction object. The nested ledger list can be included in the response by requesting the ledger attribute be part of the response.

  "id": "txn_3bW9JN4OPJXdUyrK5VZQG",
  "object": "transaction",
  "amount": 29.99,
  "created_at": "2020-01-01 21:41:04",
  "payment_method_id": "pm_3bW9JMoT2CKw8DQ1yFyG8",
  "status": "processed",
  "type": "payment",
  "ledger": [{
    "amount": -29.99,
    "assoc_transaction_id": "txn_3bW9JN8cF50sSYDtI5X0a",
    "timestamp": "2020-01-04 18:30:09",
    "entry_type": "deposit"
    "amount": -29.99,
    "assoc_transaction_id": "txn_3bW9JN8cutWRm2iYnhjaS",
    "timestamp": "2020-01-10 09:52:29",
    "entry_type": "refund"
    "amount": 29.99,
    "assoc_transaction_id": "txn_3bW9JN8dAmVVEkM5guwca",
    "timestamp": "2020-01-10 18:30:23",
    "entry_type": "reversal"

Ledger entries can be either positive or negative depending on whether the associated transaction is a debit or a credit relative to the parent transaction.

The ledger entry_type refers to the associated transaction type.

In the example you'll see a payment that was deposited but was later refunded. Since the payment had already been deposited, a reversal transaction was initiated to rebalance the ledger.

List of Deposited Payments

curl "" \
    -u secret_key_3bW9JMZtPVDOfFNzwRdfE: \
    -d "fields=*,ledger" \
    -d "type=deposit" \
    -d "processing_id=$processing_id"
trans =
trans = type: 'deposit',
    processing_id:, fields: '*,ledger' )
$trans = Payload\Transaction::select(
        '*', 'ledger'
    'type': 'deposit',
    'fields': '*,ledger'
)).then(function(trans) {
var trans =
        "*", pl.attr.ledger

To retrieve a list of deposited payments, query for transactions with a type of deposit