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Example Trigger Request


Example Trigger Payload

    "object": "webhook_trigger",
    "trigger": "payment",
    "triggered_on": {
        "id": "txn_3bW9JN4BVk3wU0ZZQs2Ay",
        "object": "transaction",

When a trigger occurs, a POST request will be made to the webhook URL with details of the object that triggered the webhook. The HTTP response code from the request is stored in the Webhook Logs logs for simple auditing of the triggered requests.

The available triggers are shown below.

Name Description
payment Any payment that gets initiated
refund Any refund that gets initiated
void Any payment that gets voided
automatic_payment Any payment that is initiated by automatic billing
decline Any payment that gets declined
deposit Any deposit that gets initiated
chargeback Any chargebacks that get issued against the account
chargeback_reversal Any chargebacks that get overturned
bank_account_reject Any bank payment that gets rejected by the bank
payment_activation:status Any change to the status of a payment activation
payment_link:status Any change to the status of a payment link
processing_status Any change to the activation status of a processing account