Security & Compliance

Data Security & PCI

Payload is a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified platform for payment data security, and goes beyond the industry standards at every level. From our above grade zero-access secure vault to our rotating encryption mechanism utilizing cryptographic splitting, this is not your every-day tokenization.


Take advantage of our secure, unidirectional, financial data security vault. Referred to as tokenization, our platform handles the security and storage of your sensitive financial data taking the burden off your hands.

Client-Side Tools

To keep your servers out of the scope of any PCI and data security requirements, our client-side ui elements make it easy to secure all sensitive financial data encrypted on the client's machine and routed directly to us, keeping your servers out of the data flow of sensitive financial information.

UI Toolkit Options:

Payment & Risk Monitoring

We recognize that the payment activity of each business and industry can vary widely, and we designed our dynamic risk management technology to understand and learn from these differences, aiming to be smarter than the industry-standard time-based limits and rule-based flagging systems.

Our goal is to enable automation of the more complex payment processing scenarios needed by modern businesses through flexible payment APIs, and a smarter risk monitoring system is key to that goal.

Payment Analysis

Our real-time monitoring utilizes data-driven behavioral machine learning that looks at data points in over 30 classifiers across all processing volume. These industry-specific risk models categorize behavior by what's standard for your operating space, not just generalized to our platform.

Flagged Transaction

You can retrieve and review the results through the API or dashboard. Each transaction has a risk score between 0 and 1, along with a flagged status.

You can query your flagged transactions through the API or review them on our dashboard. Using the API or dashboard you can update the status of flagged transactions to either accept or reject.

Data Validation