Test Environment

Create a Test Profile

To start testing the APIs, UI elements, and dashboard in a sandbox environment you can create a test profile from the Payload dashboard. To create a test profile log into your Payload account, click the dropdown on the top left of the left sidebar in your dashboard and either select an existing test profile or click "+ Add New Profile" from the dropdown. Make sure when you're creating a new profile for testing to flip the "Test Account" toggle to on.

Test API Keys

Once you've selected an existing test profile or created a new one, you'll find a set of test API keys in your dashboard that can be use for testing. The test API keys give you access to a private test environment where you can run simulated API requests to test and integrate Payload into your application. Test API keys will always start with test_secret_key and test_client_key whereas production keys will start with secret_key and client_key.