Google Pay Account Activation

To activate your account for Google Pay, you must first register with the Google Pay Business Console. Follow the steps below to set up your business profile for use with Payload.

Step 1) Create a Business Profile

To start you'll need to create your business profile from Google's business console. This information should match what was submitted with your merchant application with Payload.

Step 2) Create an Integration

Navigate to the Integrations tab and click "Add website" under the Integrate with your website section. Enter the url where the checkout page will reside, select Gateway as your integration type, upload the requested screenshots, save your changes and then click Submit for approval.

Step 3) Provide Merchant ID

Once your integration has been approved, you can copy the full merchant id provided by google in the upper right hand corner of your business console and paste that into the Google Pay Merchant ID field under Settings > Features & Add-ons > Google Pay from your Payload dashboard.