Input Options


Name Description
amount The amount of the payment
description optional A description for the payment


Name Description
customer_id optional Associate the transaction with a customer
default_payment_method optional Set payment method as default for customer


Name Description
card_number secure Card number
expiry secure Expiration of the card
cvc secure Code on the back of the card
account_holder Name of the cardholder

Bank Accounts

Name Description
account_number secure The bank account number
routing_number secure The ACH routing number for the account
account_type Either checking or savings
account_class optional Either personal or business
account_holder Business or individual owner of the account

Billing Details

Name Description
billing_address[street_address] optional
billing_address[unit_number] optional
billing_address[city] optional
billing_address[state_province] optional
billing_address[postal_code] optional

JavaScript Interface

Form Options

Name Description
form The html form element
autosubmit optional Specify if the form submit should trigger. Default: true
styles optional Change the default classnames
payment optional Add extra fields to include with the payment
payment_method optional Add extra fields to include with the payment_method


Name Description
processing Triggered once a request is sent to Payload
processed Triggered if the payment was successfully processed
declined Triggered if the payment was declined *
created Triggered if the payment method was successfully saved
invalid Triggered if the any of the input field values were invalid
error Triggered for any API error response
focus Triggered if a secure input receives focus
blur Triggered if a secure input loses focus