<!-- Simple example of enabling Plaid -->
<form pl-form="payment_method">
    <button id="plaid-add-btn" type="button">Add Bank Account</button>

<script src=""></script>

new Payload.Form({
        form: document.getElementById('add-billing-form'),
        autosubmit: false,
        payment_method: {
            transfer_type: 'receive-only'
    .on('created', function(evt) {

Integrate Plaid to collect banking details securely using Payload.js with a simple line of JavaScript. Using Plaid will allow an account holder to login to their bank through Plaid's embedded auth flow and select their desired account.

Once selected, a payment method will be created for the account and can be used to send or receive funds using Payload. You can also initiate a payment with the selected account details using the pl-form="payment" Payload Form type.

The plaid integration will work in correlation with any other Payload.Form inputs like customer_id or default_payment_method.

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