Processing Account Form

The processing account form is a fully integrated form to automated onboarding new processing accounts and enable payment acceptance & payout capabilities. The embeddable form unlocks the ability for networks or platforms to power payments seamlessly for their users, and own the end-to-end experience.

Learn more about how Processing Accounts are used to process payments.

Integration options

There are two main integration options for automating the onboarding of new processing accounts, embedding the form or generating a link. Once a new processing account has been created, learn how to watch for changes to the processing status.

If a customer has an existing account, there are a few ways to link that account to a platform instead of creating a new one with the processing account form.


In some cases a hybrid integration is optimal using the OAuth Connect feature. If a customer or user already has a processing account with Payload, by using the oauth connect integration, the customer can grant access to an app or platform. If a customer does not have an existing Payload account, you can enable the option to sign up through the OAuth modal.

Shared API Keys

To access an existing user's processing account, a shared api key can be the simplest way for a platform to access and control a user's existing processing account(s) on their behave.